A Happy Christian

Have you ever noticed that a happy Christian has a habit of desiring to
serve others? Perhaps you have observed that Christians are happiest
when they are able to do something for someone else? I have noticed
this week during Vacation Bible School Experience just how many
happy Christians we have at our church! Volunteers mind you. Young
and old alike are not missing a chance to serve the beautiful children.
We are encouraged by one of my favorite authors “At every suitable
opportunity to let the story of Jesus’ love be repeated to the children.
The servant of Christ may make lasting friends of these little
ones” (White, 1920). What a joy it has been to witness the infectious
joy and smiles of the volunteers for Christ being spread to the hearts of
the children. Such fabulous ambassadors for Christ they are! Yes! “A
merry heart does good like a medicine!” Proverbs 17:22

Elder Bro Michael Adair


White, E. G. (1920). Gospel workers. Washington D. C. :Review & Herald Publishing
Assn.Pastor Matthew Lucio

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