Boo the Moo

Scientists at the University of Oxford recently recommended a new way for the UK to raise £700m ($920m USD) for their healthcare system: a meat tax. Precisely, they recommend a 14% tax on red meat and 79% of processed meat. Researchers believe the meat tax could prevent 6,000 deaths per year. Why, though? The World Health Organization declared in 2015 that 50g of processed meat every day — less than two slices of bacon — raises your chance of getting colorectal cancer by nearly 20%. Researchers reason: a tax worked on curbing tobacco usage, so why not meat? I am not trying to give Illinois any new ideas for taxes, but to remind us that the little decisions matter: what we eat, how we think about ourselves, how much sleep we get. Post people are just trying to get through the day, but we’re called to think about the choices we make today in light of eternity. Live to live forever.

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