Kat Cole is in great shape. That’s the problem.

You see, because Cole is the CEO of Cinnabon. Cole is careful to atone for her 880-calorie “gut bomb” cinnamon roll (as the Dallas Observer calls it) by warning her customers about eating too much fat and sugar. “We don’t want you eating them all day, every single day,” Cole says.

Yet a Cinnabon roll seems engineered to tempt people to eat them more often than they should. Our “Cinnamom” is telling us to resist temptation even while she increases the temptation. When my dad was teaching me how to drive, he used a foot for each pedal. When I told him that’s not how you’re “supposed” to drive, he told me, “Drive as I tell you, not as I do.”

It’s harmless advice with driving, but it seems to be the refrain of a legion of politicians, business leaders, and religious gurus. They urge us to be more responsible, self-controlled, and patient, even while they contribute to a culture that is more impatient, self-destructive, and irresponsible.

Friends, I point you to Jesus. He walked the talk. The world was better around Him — and it should be better around his followers in Peoria today.

Image may contain: 1 personPastor Matthew Lucio, M.Div, graduated from Seminary at Andrews University in 2010. Thence, he pastored in Tennessee, Iowa, and now in Illinois.

Matthew and his wife, Laura, added their daughter, Aerith, to the family in 2014 and now are expecting another girl in the fall of 2018. In addition to ministry, Matthew also founded Adventist History Podcast. Laura puts up with his podcasting, but their daughter, Aerith does not. So Matthew writes and records from a secure and undisclosed (from Aerith) location. Learn more about Matthew and his podcast at

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