Clucky not lucky

Losing a loved one is difficult. That’s what the Sword family in Texas is going through. They recently took out an obituary in the local paper for their lost loved one, “Big Mama – 2012-2018.”

What’s odd, of course, is that Big Mama was a chicken.

Big Mama was cooped up in an apartment and scheduled to be put down after the family got tired of her. She had never even been outside, but the Sword family rescued her and gave her room to run. The obituary tells us that she was “survived by her flock: Bubbles, Runt, Ms. S, Funky, Lucky, and Blondie.”

The Sword family is remarkable — let’s be honest, chickens aren’t exactly considered an adorable, endangered species. It reminds us that we, too, have been rescued from death and adopted by God and given a place in the divine family far above our hopes.

Reflect on this, and live every day with gratitude.


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