We’re happy you decided to join us today! We want to be a safe environment to worship in, so if you feel unwell, are at-risk, or have been in large groups of people, we ask that you stay home. If you’re feeling great and ready to worship, be advised that our church board has established the following policies to keep you (and us) safe:

1. Wear masks as you move about the church. You may take them off when you sit down. If you do not have a mask, pick a free one up in the lobby.
2. Enter the sanctuary on the sides and sit in a row with a flower. This ensures a safe distance between rows.
3. Maintain physical distancing at all times. Pay special attention as we enter narrow spaces like doorways.
4. Socialize outside. Let’s not gather in groups in the lobby or sanctuary.
5. Limit your wandering. This is a big church, but we’re only using the sanctuary and the bathrooms. We ask that you not wander up into the balcony, downstairs, etc.

We are eager to return to “normal” as soon as we can. We are excited that special music and children’s programming will be returning in August. We ask for your patience and support during this time. These policies will only keep us safe if we stick together in observing them. Again, if you

– Pastor Matthew