French Freedom

I want Freedom (Maine, that is). There you’ll find a restaurant-in-a-watermill called The Lost Kitchen.

It seats 45 people, and is only open 4 days a week for 9 months each year. The menu changes each night and everyone gets the same food. Erin French, the owner, began 2017 reservations at midnight on April 1. A week later, 10,000 people had called (thousands more never got through).

Frustrated by the constant calls, French tried a new trick this year: postcards. If you want a reservation, you need to mail a postcard. In the ten days French was taking reservations this year, 20,000 postcards arrived.

Hoping to improve their odds, many sent jars of homemade jam or drawings. Everyone thinks French should expand and franchise. “Think of how much money you could make!” French refuses. When she arrives at the restaurant to start cooking, she lines up the 45 postcards from people she is feeding that night and begins to learn their names.

There’s something in there for Christians to learn: It doesn’t have to be about getting bigger and richer. In an increasingly impersonal world, Christians, like their Master, should never stop being personal.

Image may contain: 1 personPastor Matthew Lucio, M.Div, graduated from Seminary at Andrews University in 2010. Thence, he pastored in Tennessee, Iowa, and now in Illinois.

Matthew and his wife, Laura, added their daughter, Aerith, to the family in 2014 and now are expecting another girl in the fall of 2018. In addition to ministry, Matthew also founded Adventist History Podcast. Laura puts up with his podcasting, but their daughter, Aerith does not. So Matthew writes and records from a secure and undisclosed (from Aerith) location. Learn more about Matthew and his podcast at

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