Grace’s Table started as a member visiting team and lunch ministry at Salvation Army and now has grown into a broader community ministry in Peoria.  We currently have a large off-site garden that supplies local pantries (GROW), a mid-day school program at Trewyn (GTK), an after school healthy snack initiative at Common Place, summer camp scholarships at Camp Akita (Gilson, IL) for our Common Place and Trewyn kids, and we still visit and feed our brothers and sisters twice a month at Salvation Army.

If you are someone who loves to volunteer, there is a place for you.  If you want to support us in prayer and funding, we welcome that as well.  May God bless you in your search for His will.

GROW Garden Project is just beginning its fourth season of growing produce for our Peoria community.  GROW began by supplying one food pantry with weekly fresh produce the first year, and this past season supplied two South Side pantries with fresh produce every week.  These pantries are located at Mt. Sinai SDA Church, 3:30pm, Thursdays, and Common Place, 1pm, Fridays.

We endeavor to grow our produce without pesticides or any chemicals whatsoever, have converted over to a no-till garden space, and have much room to grow and change as needs are assessed.  The produce harvested from GROW has most recently been collards, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, and bell peppers, with trials of sweet potatoes, bush beans, and strawberries. We also have 15 fruit trees planted waiting for maturity and harvest.  Our produce is delivered in a just-in-time format, getting on the pantry tables within minutes of harvest and into the hands of patrons as the storage capacity is minimal on site. Having this added produce has greatly improved the quality of the food being offered and patron response to the fresh produce has been very positive.

This past summer we were blessed to work with the Peoria YMCA’s Teen Reach group.  They came out to the garden once a week to help prep the garden, amend the soil, and join in the harvest.   We look forward to a new partnership with Common Place’s Teen Reach this summer as interest was expressed to have their kids go to the “garden in the country” and get their hands dirty.  We believe so much starts with creating an interest with the kids, and having them involved in service for their community is a great endeavor.


Grace’s Table also goes to Trewyn School midday, once a week to empower, educate and teach kids about Jesus.

2019 is bringing lots of wonderful changes and opportunities to bring change and improvement to these future generations. GTK is focused on providing STEM learning, bring passion for technology, reading, and service to the community. This year, GTK will be taking the kids outside the school to plant new gardens around town. Here’s a snapshot of how this program looks:

  1. Grace’s Table Kids is midday, during the school hours
  2. It lasts 45 minutes
  3. The first 15 minutes are for food & worship
  4. The next 30 minutes are for educating and empowering kids to be healthy: talk about nutrition, water intake, outdoor activities, garden projects, service to the community, and STEAM projects.

Here’s what it comes down to: WE NEED YOU!

We know Jesus loved and spent time with children. The bible tells us so. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these kids. Our kids, the kids at Trewyn and other schools who need to be bonded with, empowered, valued, and shown how good life can be when Jesus takes up the center stage.

Trewyn is a public school but Grace’s Table Kids is a faith-based program where we promote Jesus. This is a blessing, to have the chance to talk and teach about God freely.

Join us in praying for this wonderful ministry or by volunteering.