Old News

Here’s a new year news headline for you: “News Is Bad For You.” Featured in the UK’s The Guardian, what followed reads like a manifesto: “We are not rational enough to be exposed to the press,” author Rolf Dobelli claimed. We watch hours of footage of a plane crash, and that naturally leads many people to conclude the flying is less safe than they thought, when in reality it’s one of the safest forms of travel. Bad news – the majority of all news – brings stress and fear, it is irrelevant to our daily lives, and it tends not to change our minds about anything.

Warren Buffett sums up the latter point:

“What the human being is best at is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.”

In other words, we gravitate toward news that confirms what we already believe, and ignore news that disagrees with us. We do that with the Bible, also, even while we challenge other Christians to think critically about their own beliefs.

Friends, can this be the year we get serious about being well-informed Christians? Be intentional about growing this year. Pray and think: where am I spiritually weak? How can I grow? Maybe you need to read the Bible through this year (or month). Maybe you need to write out a prayer list and hit it every day. Maybe you need to watch different preachers and read different books.

Whatever you resolve to do this new year, resolve to grow!

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