Pastor Plagiarizer

A “mega” church in Woodland Park, Colorado, is looking for a pastor, so I checked out the ad.

It read: “This post is going to be nothing like any other church job post.” OK, I’m listening. “People are hungry but the spiritual food in the churches here are without flavor or life.” Ouch. Do your neighbor churches know how you feel about their sermons?

Back to the ad: “Here is our concept. If a worship leader can take a song from Chris Tomlin and play it just like the album… why can’t you, as a pastor, copy or do word per word of a sermon from Craig Groeschel.”

The ad ended by offering the pastor 90% of tithes and offerings the first year… but that they will not pay moving expenses. To summarize: the church was a plagiarizing pastor… and they’re willing to pay big to get one.

It’s unethical. God gave you a voice and His Spirit will give you the words. Don’t sideline yourself from doing what you were called to do simply because you’re not the best.

Do the thing God has called you and ONLY YOU to do!

Image may contain: 1 personPastor Matthew Lucio, M.Div, graduated from Seminary at Andrews University in 2010. Thence, he pastored in Tennessee and Iowa, and now in Illinois.

Matthew and his wife, Laura, added their daughter, Aerith, to the family in 2014 and now are expecting another girl in the fall of 2018. In addition to ministry, Matthew also founded Adventist History Podcast. Laura puts up with his podcasting, but their daughter, Aerith does not. So Matthew writes and records from a secure and undisclosed (from Aerith) location. Learn more about Matthew and his podcast at

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