1. God is Love. This God is three distinct persons in selfless harmony. And He loves you no matter what you’ve done.
  2. God is Creator. He gave us life and beauty and nature to care for. This means that we humans are brothers and sisters created in God’s image. This gives humans the dignity of divine DNA.
  3. There’s a War. An angel named Lucifer decided to try another way of living, called Sin. Sin is selfishness. There is a war between these ideas, and everyone chooses sides.
  4. We Messed Up. We have all rejected the Creator and filled our lives with sin. Sin leads us to naturally resist the things that are God, and so we are cut off from true human joy and fulfillment. 
  5. The Bible is Beautiful. God inspired writers throughout history to record his words and relationships with people. This library of 66 books we call the Bible, and it contains the clearest record of who God is.
  6. God is Redeemer. Jesus came to save us from our sin/selfishness and re-create us in God’s image as people of love. This is the work of a lifetime, and it’s only possible because Jesus came to earth and died for us. This love is a gift, and Jesus asks that we pass it on to others.
  7. A Gift of Time. One of the ways we realign with God and love is to keep the Sabbath. It’s a weekly celebration of God as Creator and Redeemer. 
  8. The End is Near. We are excited about Jesus coming soon. We don’t know when, but he will recreate the world and restore us fully and completely to love.

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